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Singing and Supper Evening

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Singing and Supper Evening
The Lothbury Centre
A great way to have a fun evening with friends who like to sing, experienced singers and only-in-the-bath singers of all ages are welcome.

Sing simple songs from different cultural traditions, rich in harmony and rhythm. Everything will be taught by ear, so just bring your vocal cords and enjoy the sounds we make in this resonant space.

Rowena Whitehead is a Cambridge-based singer and community choir leader who has been running voice workshops since 1991. She is known for her engaging and relaxed approach, and is Musical Director of Talking in Tune and a founder member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network (

Please feel free to bring food to share for supper half way through the evening.

Contact for more information.

Throat-singers of Sacred Altai - AltaiKAI - Workshop

Throat-singers of Sacred Altai - AltaiKAI - Workshop
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
The music of Altai Kai exudes the energy and mystery of a snow-capped mountainous homeland in which powerful spirits need to be brought on side in order for herders and hunters to survive. By combining kai ('throat-singing' whereby a single performer creates a melody fattened by spectral overtones) and traditional instruments (horse-hair fiddles, lutes, jaw's harps, end-blown pipes and shamanic drum) with their own song-writing, this prize-winning six-piece group evokes the mythology, beliefs and everyday ambience of the sacred 'golden' Altai Mountains of southern Siberia.
The 6 musicians of Altai Kai will be playing at WOMAD and the Royal Opera House as well as providing this workshop in Cambridge.

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Cambridge University's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology offers a feast of images and ideas. Se. . . more>>

Throat-singers of Sacred Altai - AltaiKAI - Concert

Throat-singers of Sacred Altai - AltaiKAI - Concert
Emmanuel United Reformed Church

UK Tour July 2008

Amyr Akchin: kaichi throat-singer, epics, ikili fiddle, bayan accordion
Emil Terkishev: kaichi throat-singer, vocals, topshur lute
Sarymai Urchimaev: kaichi throat-singer, vocals, sound imitation, khomus jaw's harp, shoor end-blown flute, topshur lute
Solunai Sapysheva: kaichi throat-singer, vocals, shoor end-blown flute, tungur shamanic drum, khomus jaw's harp
Urmat Yntaev: founder, artistic director and kaichi throat-singer

AltaiKAI's music is deeply influenced by the mighty Altai Mountains, believed to be the ‘navel' of the universe and the mythical land of Shambala. Formed by Urmat Yntaev to counter threats to Altaian traditions and their sacred land, ‘kai' is Altai's own distinctive form of throat-singing (overtone-singing), a magical technique in which a single vocalist produces spectral overtones and undertones to form multiple melodies. Used in epic performance and in shamanic and Buddhist rituals, this is perhaps the oldest form of throat-singing. Combining kai with sounds of the natural world, a range of traditional instruments and their own songs, AltaiKAI evokes the heroes, spiritual beliefs and landscape of the herders and hunters of Altai. The group has been awarded a string of prizes in its homeland, in the Russian Federation and at international festivals (e.g. the UNESCO prize, Samarkand).

Gipsy Kings at Audley End House, Saffron Waldon

Gipsy Kings at Audley End House, Saffron Waldon
Audley End House and Gardens
Since the release of their international hit single Bamboleo, from their platinum-selling debut album, they have dominated the World Music charts, and sold more than 14 million albums worldwide. Enjoy a Latin night to remember with the legendary Rumba-Flamenco style of The Gipsy Kings.

Kanda Bongo Man

Kanda Bongo Man
St Pauls Comunity Centre
Kanda Bongo Man is one of the foremost figures in modern African popular music.

Heart Of The World

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Sawston Music Festival

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The Music Festival this year will take place in late June and particularly over the weekend 21/2 . . . more>>

Nick Wells

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Junction 2, The

  Junction 2 was ope. . . more>>

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