Throat-singers of Sacred Altai - AltaiKAI - Concert

Date: 22 Jul 2008 - 20:00
Event details:

UK Tour July 2008

Amyr Akchin: kaichi throat-singer, epics, ikili fiddle, bayan accordion
Emil Terkishev: kaichi throat-singer, vocals, topshur lute
Sarymai Urchimaev: kaichi throat-singer, vocals, sound imitation, khomus jaw's harp, shoor end-blown flute, topshur lute
Solunai Sapysheva: kaichi throat-singer, vocals, shoor end-blown flute, tungur shamanic drum, khomus jaw's harp
Urmat Yntaev: founder, artistic director and kaichi throat-singer

AltaiKAI's music is deeply influenced by the mighty Altai Mountains, believed to be the ‘navel' of the universe and the mythical land of Shambala. Formed by Urmat Yntaev to counter threats to Altaian traditions and their sacred land, ‘kai' is Altai's own distinctive form of throat-singing (overtone-singing), a magical technique in which a single vocalist produces spectral overtones and undertones to form multiple melodies. Used in epic performance and in shamanic and Buddhist rituals, this is perhaps the oldest form of throat-singing. Combining kai with sounds of the natural world, a range of traditional instruments and their own songs, AltaiKAI evokes the heroes, spiritual beliefs and landscape of the herders and hunters of Altai. The group has been awarded a string of prizes in its homeland, in the Russian Federation and at international festivals (e.g. the UNESCO prize, Samarkand).


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