Keith Pearson's Coup de Grass Bluegrass Band

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KEITH PEARSON'S COUP DE GRASS is an exciting mix of all that is great in bluegrass and folk. Their music, which ranges from fast, dazzling banjo, guitar and harmonica solos to ballads of exceptional beauty, is just a part of what makes them one of the most popular and sought after acts currently playing the clubs and concert stages.


The live show, presented with good humour, expertise and intelligence, features virtuoso instrumental performances, exquisite vocal harmonies, superb original song-writing, and a great deal of eccentric humour; in other words - entertainment for discerning audiences, especially those who like real musicians, playing real musical instruments.


COUP DE GRASS evolved from a band originally called the Cross Country Flyers, formed by Keith Pearson in the early 80s with Tim Jellis and Phil Milner, after Keith won the Marlboro Country Music Contest. In 1989, World Harmonica Champion, James Darby, joined the line-up, seeking to form a hotshot Country Band. The resulting mixture of styles gave rise to a new band called The Hitkickers. Over several years this unique band acquired a cult following among the more musically adventurous fans of British Country. Having decided to concentrate on Folk and World Music festivals and concerts, rather than C and W clubs. The band formerly known as The Hitkickers (and occasionally also known as the Bluegrass Gentlemen and the Left Hand Band) is now officially called COUP DE GRASS.