SHINDIG - Tenebrous Liar // Inigo // Holden Girls

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SHINDIG - Tenebrous Liar // Inigo // Holden Girls
The Round Church

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SHINDIG return, offering once again a unique evening of multimedia entertainment & artistry. We welcome deft songstress Laura McGarrigle back from her self-imposed exile on the continent just in time to release her debut EP, as well as the brooding noise antics of Tenebrous Liar - little-known overlords of a somewhat rougher universe. Local lads Holden Girls will be on hand too, providing their seamless brand of shoegazey dream-pop.

The evening exhibits work by surrealist photographer & Art Salon contributor Karl Dmitri Bishop, commissioned to produce imagery in response to the above. His highly constructed shots veil their subjects in obscurity like scenes from dreams, exploring themes such as spirituality and gender.

Tenebrous Liar:


Holden Girls:

Karl Dmitri Bishop:

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