Man On The Moon
Ramesses -
Containing two of the three original members of Electric Wizard, the quality and style of Ramesses' musical output is guaranteed. However, Ramesses have gone far beyond being a mere post-Electric Wizard doom act and have become a truly original and fearsome (especially on stage) outfit. For fans of sludge/blackened doom/psychedelia.
"Whether you like [them] or not is irrelevant, when it's this powerful, you'll feel something, be it complete revulsion or macabre joy" - Metal Hammer"
"'Misanthropic Alchemy' is a stunning release and I cannot help myself smiling of joy that this is still possible : to surprise me in this genre" - Lords of Metal

The Sontaran Experiment
Founded by Paul Catten (lately of Lazarus Blackstar/Medulla Nocte), The Sontaran Experiment have been described as Melvins with a bit of Sleep thrown into the mix.

Diminished Fifth
Akercocke/Morbid Angel influenced death metal.

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A Cambridge Rocksoc gig -


Man On The Moon
Blackout - Metal/Thrash/Tropical
Rose Wood - Rock/Metal/Other
Diminished Fifth - Akercocke/Morbid Angel influenced death metal.


Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari
Cambridge Corn Exchange, The
One of the UK's most exciting young bands come to Cambridge for their biggest headline tour to date.
Hailing from St Albans the band are renowned for their energetic performances and their innovative sound that fuses hardcore metal with dance music.

Plus: Fell Silent

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Man On The Moon

THE SKELETAL FAMILY 80'S GOTH LEGENDS make a long awaited appearance in Cambridge. In the 1980's the band had enormous indie sucess with classic dark numbers such as 'The Night', Promised Land and the Haunting 'She Cries Alone'.
This is a rare opportunity to catch one of the great goth indy bands of the 1980's!!
Support comes from Cologne's finest dark wave combo The SlimP. Their sound is old school goth. Basically the Offspring of Siouxsie and Robert Smith, that's a pretty good description. I say no more.....
and the wonderful Compact Pussycat, Norwich's fab all female band make a welcome return to complete a truly dark line up!!

If you want to be sure of getting in then why not buy your ticket in advance for £10 from



The Metal Screamo Fiver at the Junction

The Metal Screamo Fiver at the Junction
Junction 1, The

Five Live Bands for a fiver.


State of the Enemy, an eclectic group of song writers, musicians and stage performers, hail from the ever growing music scene of Essex. Combining the talents of 3 vocalists, dual guitars and a powerhouse rhythm section from the bass and drums, with an immensely energetic stage show plus an unprecedented amount of passion for a band of their age, State of the Enemy take any crowd by the arms, on a ride they wont forget for a very long time.

'Musically, the band brim with energy and strength. A front man capable of emitting both ear shredding screams and incredibly powerful vocal melodies is backed by a group of prolific riff writers, pounding bass guitar, and drums that are both innovative in their composition and strong in their execution. What's more, backing vocals and shouts help boost the already electric atmosphere of the tracks to unprecedented heights, whilst at the same time introducing some variation into the much imitated modern day metalcore sound.' -

Original Sin

Vide Infra

A Fear Most Fatal

Nebermind Tomorrow. present present
Portland Arms, The

Sometimes known as Gavin Miller and Tom Raggsdale, play electronic music with heart and soul. Their sound is like that of a hazy, dopesick, threeway-duel between Underworld, Trent Moeller and Explosions in the Sky.

"Literally Jaw Dropping.... its hard to imagine a post rock/electronic hybrid that isn't just derivative of 65 days of static, but worriedaboutsatan delivers it in spades" Silent Ballet

"Gripping soundscapes...skewering explosions in the sky sentimentalism with synths and broken beats...breathtaking" Rock Sound

Cigars of the Pharoah
A new solo project of MK born Leeds resident Alex Myers, he hates Patrick Kielty. He focuses this deep rage through a variety of electronic devices; resulting quite surprisingly in heartfelt glitchcore punctuated at various intervals by vocals, acoustic guitar and tender synths.

Zealot of the Crushing Death sect, Chesterton's answer to Malefic and all round good time dude.

The Rotted (formerly Gorerotted)

The Rotted (formerly Gorerotted)
Barfly - closed 4 June 2008
Born out of the dingy London back streets, The Rotted have risen up and established themselves as one of the UK's leading extreme metal acts.

Though proud to be spawned in the death and extreme metal scene, the boys' influences aren't just the ones normally associated with the style of music they create. The Rotted's take on the genre comes from a completely different angle; It's not the genre or style, it's the attitude and delivery. As fans of classic rock, hardcore, punk, death, thrash and black metal, musical inspiration for ‘Get Dead Or Die Trying' can be found in pretty much any decent guitar-based band of the last 30 years.

The line-up reads like the role call at an alcoholics meeting, Ben McCrow on vocals, Tim Carley on guitar, Gian Pyres on lead guitar, Wilson on bass and former IDF tank unit sergeant Nate Gould on drums.

Since starting life in 1997 under the name ‘Gorerotted', the band have always done things their way and let the music write itself. They do what they want, when they want to do it. Nothing contrived, no gimmicks, they're music is honest and from the heart.

Having released 3 albums on Metal Blade and Relapse Records the boys felt it was time for fresh blood and a fresh approach. It was decided, partly as a mark of respect to previous members and for the original idea and motives behind ‘Gorerotted' that the name should change. The band has been known for many years by friends and fans as "The ‘Rotted" so it was right to choose that as the name.

Screaming Banshee Aircrew

Screaming Banshee Aircrew
Barfly - closed 4 June 2008
Since the Screaming Banshee Aircrew crash landed onto the alternative runway things have never been quite the same. With their volatile stage show and cutting raw-rock sound, the crew have always been a band that have excelled in delivering dance floor stompers, lip trembling sombre ballads and bone shaking crowd pleasers - all effervescently entwined with spectacular, energetic and superbly executed stage performance. 

Barfly closed June 2008

  It's no mean achievement then, that in a few short years the Barfly has earned a . . . more>>

36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists
Barfly - closed 4 June 2008
MEanfiddelre presents: 36 CRAZYFISTS

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