Cambridge art exhibition of Vorticist: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Cambridge art exhibition of Vorticist: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
Kettle's Yard

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s career as a sculptor was regrettably short. Born in France in 1891, he was killed in action in 1915, aged just 23. Yet in the three and a half years preceding his departure for the trenches he managed to create a remarkable and innovative body of work.

Gaudier moved to London from Paris in early 1911. There he worked alongside prominent figures such as the poet Ezra Pound, the sculptor Jacob Epstein, the painter Wyndham Lewis and the philosopher T.E. Hulme. With them, in 1914, he created Vorticism, Britain’s first avant-garde movement. Through a selection of sculptures and related drawings drawn from the permanent collection, this display explores Gaudier’s Vorticist work, arguably his most significant contribution to the development of modern sculpture.



Drawing Dance Workshop

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Drawing Dance Workshop
The North Wall Arts Centre Oxford

Drawing dance workshop 24th of May 6-9pm at The North Wall, led by 2 visual artists, focused on drawing the dancing figure.


To enrol or for additional information e-mail


The Ashmolean Museam of Art and Archaeology, Oxford

    The mission of the Ashmolean Museum is to make its collections of art and archaeology available t. . . more>>

    Oxford - 'The Ballet Dancer' photography exibition

    Oxford - 'The Ballet Dancer' photography exibition
    Oxford Pegasus Theatre

    Joan Kent danced in public from the 1920s. Her career in ballet and the beauty of the dance form itself has been captured through a series of pictures taken by Angus McBean and others. This collection, first seen at the Oxford Playhouse in 2011, is being re-exhibited at Pegasus for Dancin’ Oxford 2012 – a display for photography and dance enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy. The exhibition is open daily during opening hours and is displayed on the first floor. Suitable for all ages.

    Cow Wow

    Cow Wow
    The Cow
    A Festive Celebration of the Arts.
    -Live action painting
    -Music Jams
    -Vocal Looping
    -Interpretive Dance
    -Experimental Sound Design
    -Slam Poetry
    -Interactive Art and DJ Sets

    Cow Wow features:
    THE BEATABET COLLECTIVE- founded in 2002, a dynamic coalition of 40+ musicians and artists who come together regularly to perform, create, compose and experiment. New combinations of performers and collaborators constantly surface as the individual members explore the creative possibilities of the wider collective and its talents.

    BUNTY- is a Brighton based musician and visual artist. Bunty uses one mouth, one mic, a Boss loop station and a dd5 delay, performing solo vocal looping sets which are a mixture of improvised and composed music.
    'Bunty produces almost entirely improvised, ambient, experimental space-pop.It's sexy, downbeat and very charming' -The Brighton Source - Dec 2007

    MIKE HAWKINS VS. KID COLA & FRIENDS- Mike Hawkins is a performance artist from New Zealand. Taking inspiration from the sounds of a live band or DJ, he draws what he hears. Providing the music for him at Cow Wow will be Kid Cola, a producer and DJ. He'll be providing a cacophony of improvised electronica with a little help from his friends.

    XAHDREZ- will be performing an improvised sound scape with a trumpet, electronics and whatever else he can find!

    HOLLIE MCNISH- a stand up poet who has read regularly at Faraggo London, as well as other venues in London, Leeds, York, Brighton, Glasgow and Cornwall. Right now she'd just like to keep doing what she's doing...

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