Moving Tone Music Arts closed on Saturday, 31 August 2013

Moving Tone Music Arts closed on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

This page is a link to the archive of music reviews written by Moving Tone's writers during the period 2006 to 2013 capturing some wonderful concerts on the Cambridge music scene during this time.

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Mon 19th Aug 2013
Sadly, Moving Tone Music Arts Listings website will close on Saturday, 31 August
Tue 23rd Jul 2013
If ever there was a magical band it was the Incredible String Band
Mon 22nd Jul 2013
What stunning talent, what staggering dexterity was on display here tonight
Thu 18th Jul 2013
The great Neil Innes will be performing at The Junction on Saturday 14 September
Tue 16th Jul 2013
Cambridge Rock Festival returns this year to Barton on 1-4 August
Mon 1st Jul 2013
Isn't there something delightfully pleasing about solo acoustic guitar, unaccompanied by vocals or anything else? I think there is