REVIEW: Trembling Bells & Mike Heron at The Junction

If ever there was a magical band it was the Incredible String Band. Could it be possible for a concert in 2013 to transmit their utterly1960s magic? Wondrously, it was!


...The musicians do not imitate the Incredible String Band, rather they refreshen the ISB's spirit with inventive arrangements, full of neat little touches. Trembling Bells' founder Alex Neilson is a superb drummer, playing in a much busier and heavier stylte that one would expect for such material, yet always in a way that enhances the texture appropriately. Other musicians contribute percussion in various quieter forms impressively, and each one contributed well to an ensemble vocal sound. Bells' lead vocalist, Lavinia Blackwall, though, has a particularly beautifiul voice, utterly worthy of the songs, to which it leant yet further charm.  


...Then Heron, now seventy years of age, appeared on stage, with a broken right arm. Despite this, he radiated a lovely vibe, gentle, relaxed and quietly joyful. Playing guitar was of course not possible, but with the richness of other accompaniment this was not missed. More crucially his vocals have retained the distinctive, knowing innocent feel they had on the ISB records. He launched into This Moment, and all was right with the world...


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