Moving Tone - spoken word en SHINDIG - Rue Royale // Subzar // Retrospective Soundtrack Players <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>26 Jan 2013 - 19:45</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>26 Jan 2013 - 22:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>£8 on the door / £6 advance<br /> Tickets on sale here: <a href="" title=""></a><br /> Or like our page to be on the £6 list: <a href="" title=""></a></p> <p>New years SHINDIG promising a wealth of quasi-acoustic loveliness in a beautiful setting, welcoming Anglo-American husband-wife duo (&amp; clear DIY geniuses) Rue Royale to Cambridge. Welcome guys :) </p> <p>Joining them will be four-piece instrumentalists Subzar, encompassing in their number guitars, cello and a violin, performing works from their narrative concept EP 'I am Not Here Yet'. Encompassing members of the late &amp; great band The Dawn Chorus, the Retrospective Soundtrack Players "may not be the world's greatest punk/rock/folk/pop concept band, but are in the top one" - writing albums soundtracking their favourite old films and books.</p> <p>As the latent theme seems to be narrative, the door is open for some of Cambridge's secret enclave of storytellers to get up to the mic. At present date of writing, this includes Allographic and Hammer and Tongue's Fay Roberts, author J.S. Watts, and recently self-published Emily Scialom. It'll be grand :)</p> <p>Rue Royale:<br /> <a href="" title=""></a></p> <p>Subzar:<br /> <a href="" title=""></a></p> <p>The Retrospective Soundtrack Players:<br /> <a href="" title=""></a></p> community events Film folk gigs - acoustic gigs - electric indie poetry post-rock spoken word Mon, 07 Jan 2013 10:52:00 +0000 Wfreemansmith 5008 at 'A Suitcase For All Occasions', a triptych of dance theatre <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>17 Mar 2012 - 20:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>17 Mar 2012 - 21:20</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> Paulette Mae, an emerging Oxford-based choreographer, presents P.S..., you have something of mine, and tattoo in a triptych of new dance theatre. Joined by Oxfordshire-based dancers Ana Barbour and Anja Meinhardt, Contemporary, Street and Butoh dance are woven with spoken word in an evocative and surreal exploration of our attachment to objects, people and space. butoh dance contemporary dance dance spoken word street dance Theatre Wed, 01 Feb 2012 17:48:20 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4716 at Oxford - Speech Project <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>3 Mar 2012 - 20:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>3 Mar 2012 - 22:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>'Music that transforms the spoken words of folk legends.' Using the rhythms and natural melody found in Irish speech, composer and producer Gerry Diver has created a unique collection of new compositions. The Speech Project features exclusive spoken word contributions from seminal Irish folk musicians including Shane MacGowan, Damien Dempsey, Christy Moore, Martin Hayes and Danny Meehan and archive interviews from Margaret Barry and Joe Cooley. Key phrases from recorded interviews are the seeds from which his compositions grow into ground-breaking and beautiful works.</p> contemporary music folk gigs - acoustic spoken word Thu, 26 Jan 2012 20:06:16 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4694 at Ely Methodist Church <p>Church providing the venue for many different types of event.</p> classical electronic jazz spoken word venue voice world music Mon, 06 Sep 2010 11:59:35 +0000 elysinfonia 3674 at