Moving Tone - dance dance en North Wall Arts Centre <p><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:DoNotOptimizeForBrowser /> </w:WordDocument> </xml><![endif]--><span class="st"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: Arial; color: #222222;">The</span></span><span class="apple-converted-space"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: Arial; color: #222222;">&nbsp;</span></span><em><strong><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: Arial; color: black; font-style: normal;">North Wall</span></strong></em><span class="apple-converted-space"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: Arial; color: #222222;">&nbsp;Arts </span></span><span class="st"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: Arial; color: #222222;">Theatre in Oxford offers a wealth of thought-provoking &amp; entertaining events designed to excite, educate &amp; enthuse.</span></span></p> choirs classical community events dance gigs - acoustic gigs - electric Music Arts Theatre new music and improv venue workshops Sun, 22 Apr 2012 13:20:08 +0000 Moving Tone 4920 at Oxford Town Hall <p>Oxford Town Hall is home to the Museum of Oxford and hosts regular concerts, exhibitions and workshops.</p><p>Available for weddings and general hire.</p> classical community events dance gigs - acoustic gigs - electric venue workshops Mon, 27 Feb 2012 09:17:01 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4783 at Elektro Kif - dance Oxford <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>27 Mar 2012 - 19:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>27 Mar 2012 - 21:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>Blanca Li takes the urban street-dance style Electro - a dazzling mix of breaking, disco, vogue, popping and locking - off the streets of Paris, mixes it up with some theatre and an amazing soundtrack and gives you Elektro Kif.</p><p>Elektro Kif is a show about the hopes and fears, friendships, fights and rivalries of an all-male cast of eight exceptional young Electro dancers, following them through a typical day at college. It's funny, fast, colourful and anarchic and features an exhilarating soundtrack by Tao Gutierrez, which combines techno with electro house, afrobeat, sampling, and classical music.</p><p>Street dance like you've never seen before.</p><p>Part of Dancin' Oxford 2012</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><a href="">Click here for more info and tickets</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p> breakdance dance disco streetdance Wed, 15 Feb 2012 22:17:26 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4760 at Drawing Dance Workshop <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>24 May 2012 - 18:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>24 May 2012 - 21:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>Drawing dance workshop 24th of May 6-9pm at The North Wall, led by 2 visual artists, focused on drawing the dancing figure.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>To enrol or for additional information e-mail <a href=""></a></p><p>&nbsp;</p> Art dance dance visual art workshops Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:01:25 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4757 at 'The Body Speaks' Oxford - two day physical theatre and dance workshop <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>18 Feb 2012 - 10:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>19 Feb 2012 - 16:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>Cafe Reason hosts a two day workshop 'The Body Speaks' at The Old Fire Station, Oxford. It will be a great opportunity to learn from Yael Karavan's unique combination of Dance, physical theatre, Butoh and mime.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Yael explores some of the key issues for the performer, and is offering a palette of tools and possibilities in the creative process exploring ‘presence’, metamorphoses, rhythm, intention, imagery and counterpoint as well as how to relate creatively to material, objects and space.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>'As performers our being is our tool of expression and as such it is a rather complex and rich tool'. Yael is offering a number of creative approaches to facilitate the imaginative journey and the pleasure to rediscover our 'tool' through games, improvisations and exploration of the infinite possibilities that are hidden within ourselves.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Yael Karavan is an inspiring performer/director and tours internationally. Please see her website <a href="" title=""></a> for more info and her biog.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>And visit Cafe Reason's events's page at <a href="" title=""></a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Closing date for booking is Wednesday the 15th of February</p><p>&nbsp;</p> dance dance physical theatre workshops Thu, 09 Feb 2012 20:32:14 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4747 at Dances of Universal Peace, Oxfordshire <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>3 Mar 2012 - 13:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>3 Mar 2012 - 17:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>Dances of Universal Peace: a powerful &amp; joyful spiritual practice &amp; experience, chanting while dancing in a circle. Ralph’s &amp; Vitalija’s style is intense, deep into the heart - and yet light and humorous, supported with drum &amp; guitar.</p><p>We love playing with polarities by offering a mix of fiery ecstatic dances, slow meditative flowing movements, joyful Jewish dances, harmony Hallelujas, Sufi zikrs, lots of partner dances - and adding harmonies (men and women singing different voices at the same time).</p><p style="text-align: center;">"The spiritual dance has no other purpose, no other aim than to elevate [hu]mankind beyond self-thought, to joy, to bliss, to realization and to peace ... the sincere dancer is one of the best workers for universal harmony, and so, for universal peace..."</p><p style="text-align: center;">(Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances of Universal Peace)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Please bring some nibbles or finger food for the tea break) and loose clothing.</p><p>Times: 1-5pm</p><p>Cost: £15.- (if that's too much for you: please give as much as you can afford - we don't want to turn anyone away because of lack of money!)</p><p>Contact north Oxfordshire: Stella 01295 720096 <a href=""></a></p> chanting community dance community events dance voice workshops Sun, 05 Feb 2012 15:20:49 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4730 at South Newington Village Hall, Oxfordshire <p>South Newington village hall is available for private hire and community events.</p> charities community events community events dance dance venue workshops Sun, 05 Feb 2012 15:15:33 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4729 at Oxford - 'Between' dance performance <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>23 Mar 2012 - 18:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>23 Mar 2012 - 20:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>Following the very successful visit to Burton Taylor Studio at the Oxford Playhouse last year, Between returns for one evening only.</p><p>The dancer approaches and embeds herself within her audience, her arm loosely covered with gold leaf. She claims attention. Meanwhile, in the distance another performer is preoccupied in her private space, absorbed in subtle gestures preparing for what is to come...</p><p>Choreographer Angela Woodhouse and Jerwood award-winning artist Caroline Broadhead bring this stunning performance installation to the Burton Taylor Studio.</p><p><strong>Performances are 45 minutes and run at 6pm, 6.45pm and 7.45pm.</strong></p> dance Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:42:07 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4724 at Oxford Playhouse <p>Oxford Playhouse and its Burton Taylor Studio present and produce a wide range of live performance. The programme includes the best of British and international drama, family shows, contemporary dance and music, student and amateur shows, comedy, lectures and poetry.</p><p>The Playhouse also produces and tours its own shows, hosts Artists in Residence and presents Playhouse Plays Out, an ongoing series of off-site events which happen at locations across the county.</p> comedy. art dance dance gigs - acoustic gigs - electric Theatre venue Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:30:13 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4723 at Moving with the Times <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>9 Mar 2012 - 20:00</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>Following the sell-out success in 2011, this year’s dance showcase features six of Oxford’s talented artists, all creating newly commissioned works for the Festival. Come along and enjoy a varied programme of high quality work including contemporary, dance theatre, hip hop and aerial dance. Early booking is strongly recommended.</p><p><strong>Anja Meinhardt</strong> - contemporary</p><p><strong>Emma Webb</strong> - dance theatre</p><p><strong>Joe Lott</strong> - contemporary</p><p><strong>Aya Kobayashi</strong> - contemporary</p><p><strong>Sole Rebel Tap</strong> - Urban Tap</p><p><strong>Naomi McLeod </strong>- aerial/corde lisse</p> aerial/corde lisse contemporary dance dance dance theatre urban tap Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:02:48 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4722 at