Moving Tone - Gothic en Last July <p>Last July, a journey began. One that would, in time, change both our lives. Dancing around coincidences, near misses and dark moments, we spiralled towards a central truth; an instinctive knowing that somewhere existed a twin spirit, a muse, the key to unlock doors we thought long closed. </p> <p>Many things separate us, but more bind us together. You will hear this in our music. Drawing from years of experience and experimentation, from deep wells of childish curiosity and delight, we hope with our music to bring you something of ourselves.</p> <p>About Us </p> <p>Alix has been causing people eardrum trouble ever since she learned she had vocal cords. Finally learning to harness and direct this fearsome weapon, she subsequently joined several bands. This lead to surreal moments such as when one band supported Napalm Death; as well as excellent ones, like the time her old band Skelliga played the main stage at Strawberry Fair. In her spare time Alix helps to run the Burlesque Noir club Bump n Grindhouse. </p> <p>Dave has been playing keyboards and mastering the frankly terrifying world of electronic music since his school days. He was a founding member of 90's pop group Slamm and spent most of the 90's touring the UK and Ireland, promoting their seven single releases and made numerous tv appearances, most memorable of which was when he was personally interviewed by two aliens on Blackpool beach! Previous bands have included 'The Children', 'My Zombie Lover' and also the project 'Summer Never Comes'; the morphogenesis of Last July.</p> band electronica gigs - electric Gothic Thu, 08 Oct 2009 10:12:08 +0000 3475 at