Moving Tone - concerts en The North Wall Arts Centre Oxford <p>The North Wall is an Art Centre in Oxford that has been created for the benefit of emerging artists across a range of disciplines. Based on the campus of St Edwards School, its core mission is educational and through its outreach work it aims to bring aspiring artists from across the nation together with cutting edge Theatre, Dance, Film and Music professionals. It seeks to break down barriers to both participation and careers in the arts. It is also a valued resource for the local and wider Oxfordshire community.</p> art exhibitions Comedy concerts gigs - acoustic Theatre venue Thu, 26 Jan 2012 19:47:15 +0000 Breeze Murdoch 4692 at St Edwards Church Edward's seeks to foster a spiritual culture for the new millennium. It is committed to Christ and to celebrating the glory of the Christian tradition; it seeks to be open to that Spirit everywhere, not only in the Church but outside it, including other spiritual practices, new movements in science, psychology and ecology. It is aware that the Church has often alienated those it seeks to serve, but hopes that this approach will embrace spiritual seekers of all kinds in an atmosphere of warmth and openness. Church Classic classical clubs and societies community events concerts early music gigs - acoustic spiritual venue workshops Tue, 01 Jul 2008 12:55:24 +0000 Corinna Moving Tone 804 at