Moving Tone - Church en St Philips Church <p>Situated in the heart of the Romsey Town part of Cambridge St Philip’s Church is a lively, growing Christian community. The newly opened renewed Church Centre has provided a wonderful venue to meet with people and meet with God.</p> Church clubs and societies community events spiritual venue Mon, 07 Jan 2013 10:47:00 +0000 Wfreemansmith 5007 at Shavnabada Georgian Choir <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-start"><label>Start: </label>12 Nov 2010 - 19:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-end"><label>End: </label>12 Nov 2010 - 21:30</div></div> <div class="event-nodeapi"><div class="event-tz"><label>Timezone: </label>Etc/GMT</div></div> <p>A unique opportunity to see a truely incredible choir from Tbilisi Georgia. Shavnabada returns after a brief visit to Cambridge in May 2009 where they were seen as outstanding. One of the Patriarch's choirs, Shavnabada makes accessible to an English audience Georgian traditions, song, (both chuch and folk), dance and culture through an English narrative and exciting performance.</p> <p>Lead by Davit Tsintsadze the artistic director and inspiration behind the choir of 12 strong male voices, Shavnabada's passions lie in resurrecting Monastery and Folk Music that had all but disappeared from Georgian culture as a result of Georgia being part of the Soviet Union. Davit has made it his life's work to find, record and film examples of traditional Georgian singing in order to preserve, resurrect, sing and celebrate it across the country and across the world. Shavnabada have been schooled by the great Anzor Erkomaishvili, who founded the Rustavi ensemble and it is within this spirit Shavnabada now perform and teach otherwise previously unheard Georgian folk and church music.</p> <p>Shavnabada will be giving a workshop at St. Paul's church Thursday 11th November 7:00-10:00pm</p> choirs choirs Church dance folk Georgian Traditional world music Wed, 08 Sep 2010 14:15:30 +0000 3677 at Sutton Church <p>A Church that exists to serve the whole Christian Community in the Village<br /> Although largely in the modern Catholic Tradition it is not a church of extremes and seeks to reach different people in different ways.<br /> A fine architectural example of its time 14C and a prominent local landmark, Visitors always welcome. Normally open in the mornings. For photographs and a brief history please visit <a href="" title=""></a></p> <p>St Andrew's today is part of a larger benefice and shares its incumbent with the neighbouring villages of MEPAL and WITCHAM. Together we value our diversity as well as our community and if you are local and find that St Andrew's is not to your taste please do consider visiting our sister parishes<br /> St Martin's, in Witcham <a href="" title=""></a><br /> or St Mary's in Mepal <a href="" title=""></a>.</p> <p>For further details please contact either The Vicar, Fr Mark Amey (01353) 778645 or either of the Churchwardens: Mrs Dawn Spouge (01353) 775465 or Mr Ken Foster (01353) 777323</p> choirs Church classical venue Sat, 16 May 2009 19:45:06 +0000 Caroline Cawley 3348 at St Edwards Church Edward's seeks to foster a spiritual culture for the new millennium. It is committed to Christ and to celebrating the glory of the Christian tradition; it seeks to be open to that Spirit everywhere, not only in the Church but outside it, including other spiritual practices, new movements in science, psychology and ecology. It is aware that the Church has often alienated those it seeks to serve, but hopes that this approach will embrace spiritual seekers of all kinds in an atmosphere of warmth and openness. Church Classic classical clubs and societies community events concerts early music gigs - acoustic spiritual venue workshops Tue, 01 Jul 2008 12:55:24 +0000 Corinna Moving Tone 804 at