Cambridge Folk Club - Live at Forty!


The Cambridge Folk Club has been a major contributor to providing a stage for acoustic folk musicians and singer songwriters for over 40 years. To mark the club's fortieth year, the Cambridge Folk Club recorded 12 acts as an example of the quality and standard of musicianship heard on its Open Stage during 2004. Purchasing a copy of this album is one way in which you, the listener, can support this club's activities. It is the definite collector's item!

  1. Edinburgh-Paul Goodwin
  2. Half-done-Alias Grace
  3. Ladylove-Jeri Newcome
  4. Eyes of the Heart-Joe BoGGGs
  5. Good to me-Redhouse
  6. Garden of England-Andrew Noyes
  7. Great Eastern Rag-Tom Colborn
  8. Tell Me-Dave Jenkins
  9. How can a man both ponder and thrive-Tom Conway
  10. Roll over the tide-Anne L Ryan
  11. Baseline Glider-Alan Bailey