Trudy Timberlake reviews Salad Days 12 March 2006

Mumford Theatre, The
Julian Slade's 1950's hit musical Salad Days had them dancing in the aisles at the Mumford Theatre at ARU in Cambridge last week - well, not quite, but it is all about a magic piano that makes everyone dance whenever it plays and the audience on Saturday night loved it. Rex Freeman's amateur production for the Pied Pipers caught all its fresh, tuneful innocence and added wit and humour to the brew giving us an entertaining, fun show.

Thomas O'Connor as young lead Timothy strutted his numbers like a demented leprechaun, all eyes and angular limbs, reminding me of a character out of the Beano that the characters vie to steal from each other for a quick read. Kate Robinson as his inamorata Jane had a sweet, lyrical voice and matched him in enjoying the fun. Alan Hay as P.C.Boot, delegated to arrest the owners of the offending piano which is causing outbreaks of mass dancing the public parks was particularly suited to the show's caricaturing style milking each scene for every laugh. The chorus may not have been in their first youth but supported with sharpness and enthusiasm.

It was freezing on Saturday night but well worth a trip to the Mumford for this satisfying show.

Writer: Trudy Timberlake