Tom Gee reports on Ladyfuzz at the Soul Tree’s ‘Club Goo’ night, April 2006

Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
Fronted by icy blonde Liz with Ben and Matt on drums and guitar, Ladyfuzz started the night quietly and slowly but settled quickly into a dance-orientated, punky beat that got the crowd moving. The set began with songs like Monster that showed their more uncontrolled side, but things looked up with Bouncy Ball which created an energetic moshpit. The Man With The Monochrome View had abrupt changes in tempo, which at first inspired a lot of dancing but then a static crowd. Unconventional - for instance a recorder is used in some tracks - and a quirky, unique show. It ended with the crowd demanding more, though it remains to be seen whether Ladyfuzz can convert their exciting live sound into decent records. Not everyone's cup of tea, but in an odd sort of way, they could be enjoyed by almost anyone - if shakin' a leg is what you're up for.

Writer: Tom Gee