REVIEW gigs electric : LYN GUY Reports on LIMEHOUSE LIZZY The Junction 20 November 2008

Limehouse Lizzy
"Are you ready to Rock?...............Are you ready? Are you ready?" (c. Thin Lizzy circa 1976)

When Limehouse Lizzy hit town, there is a core of people who are always ready. Though tonight I wonder if the credit crunch is beginning to take effect. The audience is noticeably smaller and more subdued than last time.

Credited with being the best Thin Lizzy tribute act out there, Limehouse have been building this reputation for over ten years and their shows regularly sell out. Featuring a rock steady line-up of Andy Fox (drums), Greg Alcock (lead guitar) and Wayne Ellis (bass and vocals), only the other half of the classic Lizzy six-string duo has been subject to periodic change. Current incumbent Tim Read looks more John Sykes than Scott Gorham, though when he's in full duelling flight with Greg, it hardly matters who's playing which guitar part.

A key advantage that these boys have over most tribute acts is their refusal to be copyists. There's not a wig in sight, they haven't studied set lists to reproduce a classic tour repertoire and Wayne's uncanny physical similarity to ‘Philo' is tempered by his own charismatic persona and a complete lack of an Irish accent! "Roisín Dúbh" (or ‘Black Rose' - my personal favourite) is played on audience request. The storming battle cry that is "Emerald" is preceded by wistful rock ballad "Still In Love With You". And tonight's hitherto reticent crowd prove to be in fine voice when it comes to that ‘Coyote call' (owwww!) during "Cowboy Song".

Close your eyes and the sound is pure Thin Lizzy, though Limehouse bring a zest to the songs that stems from their own genuine enthusiasm for the music. A true tribute. My only gripe is the instantaneous burst of Deep Purple's "Burn" through the pa when the band finally leaves the stage. Give us enough time to show our appreciation, please!

Writer: Lyn Guy

Limehouse Lizzy