REVIEW: Fuzzy Lights - Rule Of Twelfths - Album

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Since the release of their last album in 2010 the Cambridgeshire five-piece have been busy writing songs, crafting and refining their sound to produce their most dynamic album yet. ‘Rule of Twelfths’ has the same gentle pace as ‘Twin Feathers’ and the enchanting strings, hushed vocals and whimsical melodies, but it’s tighter with most songs coming in under five minutes.

There is much more focus for the band that started out as a duo improvising instrumental pieces, but these songs benefit from those experimental early days. Songs shift in mood and tone with rich instrumentation which often takes unexpected turns.

Husband and wife Xavier and Rachel Watkins both contribute vocals. Rachel sings dreamily on the opener ‘Summer Tide’ which subtly moves from gentle to electrifying and the couple duet on the plaintive ‘Fever Dreams.’ ‘Coming Home’ harks back to the band’s earlier sound with Xavier murmuring over a haunting, disjointed arrangement of guitar and strings.

The highlight is ‘Restless’ which starts in a placid manner, Rachel cooing beneath Xavier’s lead vocals, before erupting in a fury of percussion and frantic bowing. It’s a song that brings all the elements of the band’s music together in powerful combination. If every song reached this level the album would have the impact of The Delgados’ ‘The Great Eastern’ or ‘Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space’ by Spiritualized. ‘Rule of Twelfths’ is an accomplished album by a band bursting with potential.

‘Rule of Twelfths’ is released on 4th February and the single ‘Summer’s Tide’ is out now on Little Red Rabbit records. The band play an album launch gig at The Portland on February 2nd. See for details.

Writer: Patrick Widdess