Review - DJ Yoda at the Fez Club, February 2006

Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
Some DJs can seamlessly mix. Others cut and scratch. But who else plays George Formby? DJ Yoda raises hip-hop pastiche to new heights, cutting and splicing themes from The A-Team through to Emmerdale, simultaneously peppering mixes with excerpts from Neighbours and straight-up gangsta rap samples. He's one of a new breed of scratch DJs who will play literally anything to make you dance, with a laugh along the way, all set to a crazy two-hour movie collage backdrop - anything from Transformers cartoons to Beverly Hill Cops.

Yoda's idiosyncratic take on hip-hop got him named by Q magazine as one of ten DJs you must see before you die, alongside Paul Oakenfold and Fatboy Slim. He was voted 6th best DJ in the world in Hip Hop Connection's 2002 Reader's Poll and provided Pete Tong with his first hip-hop Essential Mix for Radio One. Yoda's How To Cut And Paste series on his own Antidote label has made an impact on world-wide audiences, taking him to Japan, America, and Australia - and now Cambridge too. Lucky old us.

Writer: The Fez Club