Patrick Widdess reports on Dreadzone - The Junction, Cambridge, 27 October 2010

Junction 1, The

Dreadzone’s fusion of dub, reggae, electronica, rock and more provided a powerful mid-week boost at the Junction on a Wednesday night. As soon as they came on stage they radiated passion and energy with a well controlled sound off-set with loose cannon frontman Mc Phee, a true cockney geezer who strutted on stage with a crutch that he regularly hoisted in the air with cries of oi oi!
    After a noisy assault from the warm up DJ the band started at a gentle pace with old number, Life, Love and Unity, the mellow vibes of which evoked a perfect afternoon at Strawberry Fair when everyone has had their face painted and is chilling out in the sun. They then moved onto new material and Tomorrow Never Comes from their latest album Eye on The Horizon picked up the pace and got the crowd moving. Having established a groove they kept building it until technical woes brought them grinding to a halt leaving Mc Phee to do Mike Reid impressions whilst cables were checked and amps adjusted.
    Once the music started again it was soon forgotten as they quickly worked the crowd up into a frenzy particularly with the new material. After nearly two decades they are still full of ideas and influences and excited about making new music. However they will always be remembered for iconic top twenty hit Little Britain which closed the main set. The crowd were encouraged if encouragement was needed to cheer for more and were rewarded with a blistering encore. A welcome return to Cambridge from the Dreadz!

 Writer: Patrick Widdess