Nancy Hogg reports on The Eagles of Death Metal – The Junction, Cambridge, 9 Mar 2007

Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
Fronted by Jesse ‘The Devil' Hughes the Eagles of Death Metal arrived to serve a sentence of Death by Sexy to a sold out Junction on Friday night. Formed by Hughes and high school friend, Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age), EODM describe their aim in life as being ‘to make music that chicks can dance to'. Distilling a sound part blues, part rock'n'roll and two parts tequila it wasn't long before the crowd were doing just that.

Charismatic Hughes (whose cites his biggest influence as Little Richard) engaged the crowd from the outset welcoming all the ‘badass rock'n'rollers' to the show. But his main attention was on the 'pretty ladies', and after balancing a mirror on his mic stand to ‘get himself ready' he combed back his quiff, declared ‘Yes, I'm awesome,' and headed straight into a raucous version of English Girls. Hughes doesn't just rock, he is the personification of rock'n'roll, and as the temperature rose it was hard to tell if it was from the crowd dancing or merely the heat emanating from his on stage persona.

The sound was pure adrenalised rock'n'roll, but with a loose, stripped down feel. The rock'n'roll references are all here - the teenage girls, lost highways and mean machines - but the EODM manage to keep their tongues nestled gently inside their cheeks whilst still conveying a genuine passion for the music. They are not only skilled at what they do - you know they are relishing every single second of it.

Upon leaving, I rethink my recent decision to give up my job in administration and pursue a full-time career as a go-go dancer. Oh well, back to reality, but one thing's for sure, this chick certainly got to dance!

Writer: Nancy Hogg