Nancy Hogg reports on Bearsuit – Cambridge Barfly, 10 Sept 2007

Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
Like one of Dalí's more pleasurable nightmares, Bearsuit slinked into town on Monday night as a choice act for the opening of the excellent new Cambridge Barfly venue.

Citing influences such as The Pixies and Belle and Sebastian and sounding reminiscent of 1990's punksters, Dweeb, Bearsuit are also heavily influenced, space travel. However, pigeonhole them at your peril! Their unique take on noisy power pop hullabaloo has seen them championed by indie stalwarts Steve Lamacq and Phil Jupitus to name but a few, and with eagerly awaited new album OH:IO released this same day the venue is full and the mood expectant.

The boy/girl sextet from darkest Norwich certainly understand showmanship, arriving on stage dressed as a kind of burlesque army (replete with pink hats and glitzy epaulettes). Front woman and keyboard player Lisa soon has the crowd foot-tapping and air-punching with her slightly crazed but tuneful squeals, whilst front man Iain delivers suitably boisterous accompaniment. New track Foxy Boxer, inspired by ladies who box (topless), and The Love Will Never Find You (a paean to self-love), are just two highlights of a rampant set.

Throughout the show the band continue to surprise with violins, trumpets and flutes adding to the glorious punky cacophony. But do not be deceived by this seemingly anarchic orchestra; the outfits and disguises should not detract from what is essentially an adept and well versed band fusing whimsical and excitable lyrics with a fresh and original sound.

At the end of the gig I feel like I've been mugged by a bunch of errant teddy bears. Indeed, if you go down to the woods today, you're in for a fun night!

Writer: Nancy Hogg