Mercer & Gee report on The Shivers, Portland Arms, January 06

Local Cambridgeshire Artist
What the Shivers offer is a lively take on Anglo-American country, bluegrass and rock. Acoustic rock and roll, they call it. Singer Rich Archer brings an exuberant charm to the stage, reeling off one-liners and singing with power and confidence. Bassist Gaz Palmer is a chilled foil to Archer, playing a firm and steady line. Seemingly sociopathic Ben Kingsbury supplies relentless drums. No full length album yet but the Shivers have released two strong EPs, the material ranging from the sombre Wastin' My Time to the rabble-rousing wit of 155 Centimetres Of Love. Live, a triumph. See them - and be amazed by their rendition of Van Halen's Jump.

Writer: Mercer & Gee