Mercer & Gee report on The Broken Family Band, Portland Arms, April 2005

Local Cambridgeshire Artist
The Broken Family Band - Steven Adams, Jay Williams, Mick Roman and Gavin Johnson - has undoubtedly been Cambridge's leading outfit for some years. Since their formation in 2001 they have released two albums - Cold Water Songs and Welcome Home, Loser - as well as two EPs and are amassing an ever-growing fan base, national recognition too. They don't play as many gigs as they would like, thanks to the demands of day jobs, so catch them when you can - they play with passion, poignancy and sometimes a dirty-boy smirk: who else would sing 'There's a dog sleeping in my bad/If I tickle his balls he'll give me sweet head'. Catch their new CD for more. It's called Balls.

Writer: Mercer & Gee

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