Mark Dobbin reports on Pirates of Penzance, Swaffham Bulbeck, June 2006

Local Cambridgeshire Artist
Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre promised something special for the company's Silver Jubilee year - and director Geoff Reed and musical director Angela Roebuck's staging of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance, awash with colour, with outstanding set design, singing and choreography, lived up to all expectations.

Jan Pattinson - also in charge of choreography - displayed impressively versatile vocals in the lead female role of the beautiful Mabel, while pirate apprentice Frederic was convincingly portrayed by Lake Falconer. Powerful in build and song, Richard Morris soon entered into rhythmic stride with I am the Pirate King, looking every inch the part. Some of the funniest scenes involved Major-General Stanley (Gerard Chadwick), all 20 of whose daughters are desired by pirates, and the hapless Sergeant of Police Butler (David Hanke.) The classic A Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One went down particularly well.

Judging by the attendance in the 19th century Mitchell Lodge Barn, all those in Swaffham Bulbeck not watching the World Cup must have been at this performance. General Stanley kept in football character waving an enormous flag of St. George in defiance of the Skull and Crossbones. And the female member of the chorus toppling backwards, revealed bloomers covered with white crosses on small red squares provided a rousing display for English football lovers.

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Writer: Mark Dobbin