Jak Uzi reports on Living Rootz + Haile Mikael + The Dub Organizas – The Man on the Moon, Cambridge, 3 Mar 2007

Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
It was in no way a reflection of the music that at times there were more people gathered outside the Man in the Moon than there were inside. That's because there was a full 'blood n fire' lunar eclipse happening in the sky out there. It all seemed appropriate and connected. Eerie but Ire.

Inside, the Dub Organizas running the sound were absolutely smashin' it - pure sonic niceness! Rare 70's Jamaican dubplates mashed with UK digidub selections. All rinsed out with righteous splashes of spring reverb and overdriven analog delay flung live into the mix. Yes me selecta, this was an authentic sound. ‘The Dub Organizas organise dub...' they say - and you can catch their regular internet radio show every monday night by locking onto www.ruffradio.co.uk between 6-8 pm.

Yes brothers and sisters, Haile Mikael is down from the Birmingham circuit and he's hard to describe in words - you'd have to see him, ya get me? Sorta like, half vocalist and half roots poet. He steps and chats and chants 'pon the mic solo to rhythm track. He's got tunes out on CD but no myspace yet. Somebody build him one quick.

Easy now. Living Rootz come on stage and easily skank their way into a set of easy-skankin' classics. Twin vocals and twin guitars are the mainstay of their sound, traded against keyboards and a fat drums n' bass rhythm section. Vocalists Levi and Joseph have sung together since time and it shows. Members of the Living Rootz collective can also be heard playing out on the roots reggae scene in other combinations. Half way through the rhythm section changed personnel and then changed back again for a second set joined by Haile Mikael to deliver a one love, one-drop anthems atmosphere for the rest of the night. Contact Jah Love Promotions.

Writer: Jak Uzi