CD Review: Rychard Carrington reviews Now It's Your Turn - Tom Conway

Tom Conway
Local Cambridgeshire Artist

Now here’s a singer-songwriter of class, if ever I saw such a character. Tom Conway writes songs that are thoughtful, articulate, emotionally mature; furthermore his singing and guitar-playing does them full justice.


He cites Richard Thompson as an influence, and often he sounds like Thompson with the lyrical sensibilities of Loudon Wainwright. I’m also reminded of Tom Prine and Boo Hewerdine. His lyrics are consistently smart and interesting, never precious or clichéd. Witty expression embellishes rather than undermines the sentiments: ‘I can’t get by with being runner-up or just a friend/ there’s tears of whisky swimming in my Nescafe Gold Blend’; ‘apparently it’s widely known that all men have a dream/preferably blonde and buxom, and short on self-esteem’.


There’s an unrushed, uncluttered feel throughout the album: laid-back but never bland. Some tracks have a country feel, others English folk (indeed, ‘Black Snake In My Room’ is traditional). In Your Own Words and The One That Got Away stand out as classics of the genre, akin to Thompson’s Beeswing. The jaunty country lament You Never Said A Word is rather splendid too. Surely Tom Conway should be much better known. Do give him a chance: you’ll be glad you did.


Writer: Rychard Carrington


This review previously appeared in the excellent national music magazine R2 (aka Rock'n'Reel). Reproduced by kind permission of the editor, Sean McGhee.