CD Review: Daylight Robbery – Nick Barraclough and the Burglars

Local Cambridgeshire Artist
High standards of mature musicianship on several instruments is the first impression I had, which is not surprising from all these former members of Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators. The album comprises a generous 15 tracks in a country, bluesy mode, divided between original compositions and cover versions of older songs. The pace is generally a bit sedate but then frenetic energy is the province of younger bands.

A mellow Across the Borderline kicks off the album rather nicely as a taster of what to expect, followed by a less inspired Parchman Farm where Nick struggles a bit with the bass notes on the lower octave.

Slightly jazzy Big Clock and the bluesish My Town are followed by a pleasing rendition of the Lennon & McCartney's less well-known And Your Bird Can Sing. After that I found myself going into easy listening mode with country song Yellow Roses, Mean old Southern and Guarantee until ‘The Chicken Song' woke me up with its humorous lyrics and dobro playing and there's still another 6 tracks to go, the ballad Coming of Age being one I could empathise with.

Did I have ‘Wow' moment? No, afraid not, nor was it incredibly innovative, but then you don't expect that every time and fans of this genre would probably just enjoy it as it is, relaxed good quality music.

Writer: Alan Bailey