Anne L Ryan reports on CUMTS, Clare College, May 2006

Multiple Venues
Time for some fun down in Clare Cellars, Clare College - the CUMTS Bar Night, at which the talent of the society, which puts on three or four musical theatre shows a year, was on full and unrestrained display.

Musical director Ben Nicholls explained: ‘Bar Nights have been happening over the last five years, but this was the first one at Clare. They are relaxed social occasions that make it easy for new arrivals at the university to make friends'. Predictably, most of the performers tonight were female, but thankfully there was more than one token male - in fact, three. Names to watch out for are Holly Morgan, Susie Pollard, Natalie, and Tom Kohut. Among the songs rendered were When You're Good To Mama, Shiksa Goddess, Take Me Or Leave Me, Therapy, I'd Give My Life For You and The Wizard - a good and varied selection with a lot more smooth than rough.

All performers, from comperes to accompanists, were amateur and while some had more experience than others, the camaraderie was great. Want to try out your musical theatre talent? No better place than a CUMTS Bar Night.

CUMTS presents Too Darn Hot on Sunday, 17th June 2006 at Cambridge Corn Exchange 7:30 pm.

Writer: Anne L Ryan

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