Secret Discotheque - fashion victims..?

Secret Discotheque - fashion victims..?
Secret Discotheque
secret discotheque

We've always had a bit of a soft spot for Secret Discotheque. Maybe it's the backcombed hair and tacky fashions. Or maybe it's because they have the nerve to mix Madonna with Sir Cliff. Either way, Secret Discotheque's regular 70s/80s inspired Thursday night dance event - touted as 'Cambridge's most unfashionable clubnight' – has been providing the local populace with guilt-free outlet for their most shameful pop cravings for some time now, and they're going from strength to strength.

But could the recent trends toward 80s fashions - disastrous looks that we all thought buried - spell trouble for the kitsch club community? Could it be that Secret Discotheque's unique blend of retro-pop indulgence is in danger of becoming FASHIONABLE?

There's only one solution - get on down to Soul Tree and celebrate your secret desire for music that style left behind while you still can. And keep in mind the words of Secret Discotheque themselves: 'With both feet firmly in the past the Secret Discotheque DJ’s play records from the artists that dared to wear leggings, baggy trousers, suits with the sleeves rolled up and aviator sunglasses. Join us in your finest retro garments for a night of guilt-free pop indulgence. We’re all friends at the Secret Discotheque and if you feel the need to sing along to Dolly Parton be our guest, and remember, what happens at Secret Discotheque, stays at Secret Discotheque.'

One day, it may fill a cabinet in the Victoria and Albert Museum and be the subject of PhDs. But for now: Ow! Get down!