Preview: Nearly there, Strawberry Fair

Preview: Nearly there, Strawberry Fair
Local Cambridgeshire Artist
Attracting revellers from all over the UK, Strawberry Fair kicks off the summer season of festival mud, music and dreadlocks on Saturday June 3rd. Bringing a slice of Glastonbury-style magic to a field near you - Midsummer Common, namely - there'll be several genre-specific music stages, beer tents, local trade stalls, a ‘green' area and a multimedia area. And, of course, cider.

Starting at around 11.30 am with the traditional parade through the city centre, Strawberry Fair aims to appeal to kids and parents alike with high-quality entertainment and attractions. This year, for example, the Norfolk-based Fairyland Trust will offer wand-making workshops and story-telling journeys. For more fairy-wear and frolic, visit Fairy Love, who were awarded the prize for Best Stall at last year's Glastonbury, and get your very own set of wings.

When the fairy theme gets too much, you can always get down to the reggae tent for a little soul redemption, or head off for a pint at the river-fronting Fort St George. Earthbound and celestial, you'll find both extremes at Strawberry Fair - though not, it has to be said, a dance stage. Never mind: all events are free. All you need to celebrate is your kids and a little sunshine.

Writer: Ruthie Collins