February Clubbing in Cambridge


Clubbing in Cambridge - well, not perhaps the dernier cri in urban vibrancy glamour, but there's something going on all right. Gather your friends, check out the kind of music you like and the place and the night - that's what Moving Tone News is for - and you can make an informed foray into the city's night life. Here are some highlights of what you might have found to warm an otherwise cold February.

Legends, Cambridge City FC's backwater gem, is a local club for local people. They kicked off the first weekend of the month with Journey's progressive trance. The following night at The Junction it was time to freshen up with Miss Marple sleaze, a flurry of oldschool chic and jackass jive at the Boomslang Breakbeat .

The following weekend, an album launch at Warning - one of the UK's premier drum 'n bass nights, leaving only the dead unmoved. On Valentine's night this was followed by some raggatatsic bliss at the Cambridge Fez, and then the lo-fi hip-hop with Rawganics - the 2006 Beatbox Championships, Eastern heat.

And if all that proved a little too clean for your dirtier tastes, you might have seen the month out at the Kambar's monstrous über-Goth hangout Calling . Or, on a slightly more exalted level, you could have tuned into the Cambridge Soul Tree for its uplifting Carnaval Party - Latin-American fiesta par excellence.

Or you could have stayed at home and glared at the television. No choice, really.