Women + Music = Enterprise - 4th July Network Event

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WiRME - Women + music = enterprise         Moving Tone in co-operation with Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) is organising an evening network dinner for women in rural music on Friday, 4 July at 7pm.

Anne L Ryan, Director of Moving Tone, Cambridgeshire's live music arts information service, says: "Moving Tone has been part of WiRE for nearly two years now. We have found it to be the best resource around for rural women's enterprise. As our business is live music information and events we thought it was a good idea to set up a local women's music network to encourage local women's music enterprise. WiRE thought this was a good idea too, so we will call it Women in Rural Music Enterprise (WiRME). The event is open to all women wishing to network with others in rural locations. However we want to forcus on encouraging women involved in rural music enterprise to get together to create thriving women's music businesses starting here in Cambridgeshire".

The first meeting of WiRME will take place at the Cambridge Meridian Golf Club, Toft, Cambridgeshire, on Friday, 4 July at 7pm. Open to all women wishing to network in business the evening will be a three-course- dinner with music and comedy from local women artists. Tickets are £35 and must be purchased in advance from www.movingtone.com/tickets. The cost includes dinner, reception drink, entertainment and on-line booking fee. For more information call 01223 264991.