Rutland Weekend Junction

Neil Innes

The truly brilliant comic singer-songwriter Neil Innes will be playing at The Junction on Thursday 2 October, in a tour which reunites him with Fatso, the band who played with him on Rutland Weekend Television on BBC2 in the mid-1970s.

Suffolk resident Innes is best known for his leading role in the Bonzo Dog Band, his contributions to Monty Python, the classic Beatles parody The Rutles, and his 1979 television show The Innes Book of Records. He has also produced some very underrated solo albums, such as Taking Off (1977) and Works In Progress (2005). His style is a unique blend of pastiche and pathos, featuring a distinctive use of rhyme, meter and diction. He has also written a book about economics.

Fatso’s line-up is Neil Innes (guitar/vocals), Billy Bremner (guitar, ex-Rockpile), Roger Rettig (pedal steel guitar), Brian Hodgeson (bass), John Halsey (drums, ex-Rutles, and landlord of Cambridge pub The Castle on Castle Hill).

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