PREVIEW: SHINDIG - Hollow Mountain // Sunwolf // Clorinde

Shindig returns next weekend after a terrific show in January which you can read a review of here. The next gig on 15th March sees another original line-up of musicians and artists at St Philips on Mill Road.

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Interdisciplinary gig hosts SHINDIG present a show of experimental, drone and improvised ambient music in a beautiful setting. With added cinematic flourishes, an interactive sound installation by Philip Cornett, and light sculpture by Susie Olczak, we are diving headlong into potential pretension this time. It's going to be GREAT.

Two-piece Leeds band Sunwølf are composed of members of ambient act TEN, but chart a somewhat heavier sonic path - "Finding a space to dwell between drone-minded stillness and forceful post-metallic psychedelia" - The Obelisk. Their debut Beyond the Sun is a genuinely successful attempt at merging drone, psych and post-rock, garnering instant classic status from many a reviewer.

Joining them will be Hollow Mountain, whose work making ambient music much more organic and tangible deserves many a gold star. With each set tailored specifically to the venue's acoustics and improvised on the night, definitely ones to catch live.

Finally, Clorinde have so many buzz words associated with them it's hard to know where to begin. Minimalist collective comprising visual artists, multi-instrumentalists, and a healthy interest in extrapolating tradition folk structure, their music is a mix of free form improv and building tight, cyclical structures.



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