PREVIEW: SHINDIG - Clorinde // Gaze is Ghost // Fake Maria

Shindig returns to St Philip's on Mill Road for another multimedia night of music and art details below and on Facebook. You can hear Fake Maria in session on the latest Headstand on Cambridge 105 here. The show also features tracks from the other acts playing. They will also be playing the following night at The Fountain as part of Allographic: Other Voices with Hollie McNish - another event not to miss.


£6 on the door / £4 advance
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In light of recent weather shenanigans, our 'garden party' idea has morphed into something altogether more visually stunning - a triad of dance, poetry and music now, located in St Philip's Church on Mill Road.

Bringing a typically eclectic mix of mediums into the fray, expect visual arts of the moving and non-moving variety, hosting from the beautifully verbose Fay Roberts, and very possibly some more engaging interactive happenings too.

Musically, we have experimental-indie-folk-pop-classical showings from the following...


// Clorinde -

Avant Garde Italian artists wielding a vast armory of traditional folk instruments, turned into tight, cyclical compositions by electronic magic. After their rousing Cambridge set in March, Clorinde return to perform some of their earlier albums which musically interpret works by Blake, Bukowski, Keats and more.

// Gaze is Ghost -

Innovative avant-pop pianist with a penchant for improvisation, ethereal compositions and richly crafted tones. For fans of Joanna Newsom, Stars of the Lid and Erik Satie.

// Fake Maria -

Folk-duo come poetry force Hayley and Matt perform intensely personal and vivid spoken word, backed by hypnotic guitar and the occasional soundscape excursion. For fans of honesty, integrity and words of the spoken variety.