PREVIEW: Courtney Pine at The Junction

On 5th February Courtney Pine, a musician at the forefront of the British jazz scene for over 20 years, comes to the Junction.

No musician more embodies the dramatic transformation in the British jazz scene over the past twenty years than Courtney Pine C.B.E. The ground breaking, multi- instrumentalist has led a generation of exciting and innovative players who have broadened their styles to take jazz out to a wider audience.

Debuting material from his15th studio album to date,  House of Legends sees Courtney return to the instrument he is best known for - the Saxophoneand features his soprano sax exclusively for the first time.

Deeply steeped in the traditions of the Caribbean, this very personal project  sees Courtney on top form, bringing together musicians from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe for vibrant exchanges that tell tales of life from a truly multi-cultural view point.

Expect an exhilarating mix of Meringue, Ska, Mento and Calypso as played through the lens (saxophone) of a UK born artist with strong, proud Afro-Caribbean roots.

Tickets available from The Junction website.