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Pony Collaboration

Pony Collaboration and Faith will be performing at the Octopus Ride club, when it meets again at the Globe Ale House on Hills Road on Saturday 4 October.


Octopus Ride's own publicity is always rather splendidly phrased, and this month's is no exception - hence lets quote it in full:


'In a world full of small bands who make a lot of noise, the Pony Collaboration [pictured] are refreshingly different. At full strength, they boast a versatile eight-piece line-up capable of playing everything from Stylophones to samplers, and between them they craft a delicate and beautiful sound that recalls the likes of Lambchop or Tindersticks. James Scallan's songs have a leftfield charm all of their own, building from wracked whispers to life-affirming outbursts of joy, taking every direction except the obvious.

Given the challenges involved in gathering together eight musicians from different cities, it's no surprise that Pony Collaboration gigs are infrequent, so their return to the Globe Ale House on Saturday, October 4th should be a bit special -- not least because it will also see the debut of a new band fronted by Cambridge legend Mark Drury. As the singer with Maker, Mark won a huge local following in the Nineties, and following a lengthy detour into country-rock, he's returned to that band's signature sound with his new project Faith.

As ever, the kind people at the Globe have made entry entirely free. The music starts at eight-thirty, and there'll be DJs to spin you into the small hours afterwards.'

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