Party ON for 209radio!

Party ON for 209radio!

*Stand-up!* *Sketch Comedy!* *Music!*

*Really Nice People!* *Free entry!*


Tuesday, 2 September 2008, 8pm

B Bar Restaurant, Market Passage, Cambridge.


You and all your friends are invited to a party and performance for a fantastic

community arts cause. There's stand-up comedy from Hannah Dunleavy, popular

CEN columnist who's now fresh from her Edinburgh fringe performances, sketch

comedy from local acting/writing forum WRiTEON, live music, dancing and more.


Hills Road - the Sketch

209Radio listeners will remember WRiTEON's 10 part comedy soap, Hills Road,

from earlier this year. That show was an amazing opportunity for local writers and

actors to gain experience in radio writing, acting and production - just the thing

209 Radio does so well for our community. The show was also a hit with 209's listeners.

We've now created a hilarious all-new sketch for this fundraiser based on the characters

from theHills Road resident Anna wants to be Trinny. Or Susannah. Or even Gok. So

she's having a launch party for her new fashion consultancy...How Not to be Naked.

Anna's 20-something, no-hoper son, Martin, wants to be involved. In fact, he'll do

anything to be there, especially when he finds out who's coming...Paul Welter, the big

rock star.

Meanwhile, Anna has hired sexy Spanish cook Pilar to cater for the launch. Pilar is

trying to rise to the challenge, but she's distracted by her desire to cook Martin's

chorizo first. And Anna's beautiful sometime partner, Julia, also has a problem.

Hers involves vodka. But how else can you mend a broken heart? As the situation

deteriorates, it's up to Martin's good friend Charlie - quite possibly the only sane

person in the room - to keep things together.


Script by Michelle Golder and John Parry

Directed by Michelle Golder

Cast: Sarah Ingram, Stefan Haselwimmer, Geoffrey Kirkness, Lizzy Mace,

Victoria Welsh, Juliet Burton.


Event organised by Moving Tone, Cambridge live music information and WRiTEON,

the Cambridge Scriptwriting Forum

Donations to 209Radio will be gratefully accepted.


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