Morning People at Globe Ale House 1 November

As you may have noticed, the impending financial apocalypse means that newspapers are currently full of space-filling columns suggesting feeble and impractical ways to save money. So, if you've already put your unwanted goods on eBay and switched the weekly shop to Aldi, what else can you do to trim the bills?

Well, under normal circumstances, if you wanted to go and see a gig by Cambridge superstar, Broken Family Band frontman and legendary nice guy Steven J Adams, you'd have to pay. After all, he has to live. But this Saturday brings a unique chance to see him perform a headline set for nowt, courtesy of the good people at the Globe Ale House.

There's fine support from country-blues singer-songwriter David Greeves and semi-resident weirdos The Morning People, there's ace DJing from Will, and it really, really won't cost you a penny.

Globe Ale House, The

Saturday 1 Nov 2008 - 20:00


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