Living Room's Secret Garden Party line up

Hope Street Music have just announced the line-up for the Living Room tent at the Secret Garden Party ( - an eclectic, peace-loving and slightly mad festival taking place 27-29 July. It's a pretty incredible line up - and this is merely one of the stages at the event. Here's the full list with handy web links (where available), but otherwise unedited, unadorned, and just as nature intended:

Belinda Gillett
Josh Weller
Dan Collins & Lia
Jon Redfern
The Diarys
Paris Motel
Daniel Flay - solo only

Anna Leddra Chapman
Jon Bilbrough
Gabby Young - solo only
Emma York & Galactica
Pale Marble Movie
Newton Faulkner
Earl Okin
Stewart Charlesworth
Josephine Oniyama
Park Bench Poet
Moe Foe

Sunday Driver
The Shivers
Rough Edge Quartet
Una Monaghan
Chris Smyth

Paul Goodwin
Damien Mercer
The Venkman Project
Ross Martyn
Kate Walsh
Emily Maguire
Buffalo 77
The Winter Kings
The Brute Chorus