King Blues Portland Arms Sunday 9 November

Save The World, Get The Girl, the latest from The King Blues. They play the Portland Arms, Cambridge this Sunday 9th November.

The King Blues new offering, Save The World, Get The Girl is a dynamic, energetic and thought provoking release. It is as politically charged their previous debut release, Under The Fog, which set the scene for the band back in March.

As with any King Blues number it is hard to place such a wondrous array of musical diversity in a genre. Save The World, Get The Girl blends together an inspiring mixture of ska, reggae, punk and perhaps most prominently - folk music.

Frontman, Jonny Fox (aka Itch) voices a picture of England, resonating a political awareness throughout, with lyrics like ‘as the soldiers prepare for combat, smile and ask : do you want freedom fries with that?' This colours the inequality of social status Itch is so passionate about.

But with all this conscious waking, Itch does not fail to remember his roots which displays fantastically throughout especially on the last track ‘What If Punk Never Happened'. This is an ode to the forefathers of punk. It highlights the importance of it both politically and personally.

This album is one for any passionate soul, be it through the music or the message. Both are as spine-tingling and as mind opening as each other. And you don't need a degree to understand the lyrics either!

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