Oxford preview: Jibb Rishes Songologue, A Vocal Clown

As part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival 2012 Irish vocalist Anne L Ryan will present Jibb Rishes Songologue, a vocal clown at the Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford on Friday 9 March, 8pm.

A vocal clown brings to life glimpses of her past on and off the stage, through songs and vignettes set against an evocative soundscape. The character of Jibb Rish is from a by-gone world that she recreates for us with a modern twist, creating a whirl-wind songologue that is quizzical, funny and moving. She portrays her past using ethnic song (Irish, Spanish, Yiddish, Georgian), Anglo-Irish verse with Cage, Beckett and Kagel participating in the dramatic back-drop. Jibb Rish has many voices that come to life through sounding, vocalising, original composition and songs. Jibb Rishes Songologue received its premiere at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in October 2010. It is a constantly evolving vocal music theatre song cycle; a series of independent scenarios revealing glimpses of Jibb Rishes vocal clown story.


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Visit www.annelryan.co.uk/video for more information and to watch footage.


“It was a virtuoso performance that was emotionally full-bodied, sensitive, satirical, warm and outgoing. It was great theatre, an impressive development of an exciting new genre”. -Rychard Carrington, Cambridge Music Critic

“Jibb Rishes Songologue is one of the strangest and most engaging thing you'll ever see ... the evening for me was mainly about the continuing power of real, warts-out, beautiful moon-gazing lunatic storytellers”.  - Sophie Lewis, Review, Daily Information, Oxford