Wink Advises: Follow Your Heart. Interview by Ruthie Collins

Wink Advises: Follow Your Heart. Interview by Ruthie Collins
Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
Josh Wink's signature US tech-house recently came into Cambridge playing Bottom Heavy at the Soul Tree. Before the show, the great man found time to share his thoughts with Moving Tone News.

MT: Tell us about your new release and tour.

JW: Doing a big US tour to support the Ovum Profound Sound Volume 3 release here, and then off to Europe for a week for the release of the Sessions Josh Wink CD release in Europe this week.

MT: Most Josh Wink fans will remember you for your chart-topping Higher States of Consciousness track. What was the inspiration for that amazing, groundbreaking tune? What's your favorite remix of it?

JW: It's nice to be known as doing songs that stay the test of time. Don't know what my inspirations were. Just happened... The original was an ambient down-tempo version called the Deep and Slow mix. My favorite mix is the original and the tweekin acid funk mix.

MT: What advice do you have to creatives out there to keep their inspiration and focus?

JW: My goals are to be inspired and be inspiring... I would say follow your heart! Do what you want to do. People are lost in life just doing what they ‘have to do' rather than what they want to do.

MT: And where is dance music going?

JW: Don't know - that's the fun of electronic music.

MT: There are some amazing bands out there at the moment. Any artists you'd like to collaborate with? Who are you listening to most right now?

JW: Would like to work on vocal projects with Caroline Crawley (again), Sam Precop, John Navin. I'm listening to lots of internet radio - Chill IDM kind of stuff.

MT: What are your highlights this summer?

JW: Great music coming out on Ovum, and HSOC remixes by Matthew Jonson,
Alter Ego and Photek.

MT: Glad to come to Cambridge?

JW: Never been to Cambridge before Been really looking forward to it! And I'm happy to hang out with Mr. Jim Masters! Many stories to tell.