Rat Pack Interviewette by Rosalind Knight - 3 Mar 2007

Rat Pack Interviewette by Rosalind Knight - 3 Mar 2007
Artist Visiting Cambridgeshire
Intrepid reviewer Rosalind Knight flashes her MTN identity card, gives a funny handshake and says 'I'm a friend of Luigi's' to get behind the scenes at the The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas - where she grabs a few words with cast member Giselle Wright.

What are the best and worst things about being on tour with the Rat Pack?

The best thing has to be seeing new places all the time. So far I've been to Germany, America and around the UK with the show. My favourite places were Berlin and Edinburgh. Edinburgh has such a good mixture of people as well as lots to do and see.

The worst thing about being on tour is not being able to eat properly. You always have to eat at weird times and a lot of the places where we stay don't have cooking facilities. I hate lugging my bag around as well. Living out of one bag can be a bit rubbish.

Do you think there are any differences between British and American audiences?

Definitely. American audiences are much more into their show business than we are. They are louder and they show their appreciation more freely. The Americans have never had a show like the Rat Pack before so they think it's pretty unusual. It's a lot simpler than what they're used to. It's more about the music than big scene changes.

What is your favourite song in the show?

It's got to be I've Got You Under My Skin, because it's romantic. Having said that, I'm pretty sick of the songs by now. I hate it when I walk into restaurants and they're playing the Rat Pack music. I want to walk over to the staff and tell them to turn it off. You know all the words so you can't stop singing along.

Sounds like Sinatra has indeed got under your skin...What would you say to Frank if you met him in your local supermarket?

Are you really a gangster?