Steve Bradshaw Promotions Manager, Man On The Moon, May 2006

Local Cambridgeshire Artist
Steve Bradshaw has been the soundman and events manager at the Man on the Moon for three years, as well as leading his own band, Warmed Up Cold. Moving Tone News caught up with him to find out about his role and what makes him tick.

'I started helping out with the sound at the Man on the Moon after I left a job in computer programming, where I was tearing out my hair. One night the soundman didn't show up and I was left to do a gig by myself. I survived!'

'I mainly run things here as manager, but I independently promote the New Bands night on the third Thursday of every month. It gives them a chance to play if they're not already on the circuit. The thing I enjoy most is allowing people to play with confidence and safety, and giving the public the option of hearing any kind of music.'

'Since the licensing laws changed we've gone up from 4 to 6 or 7 gigs a week. We've had countless excellent gigs here but I think the best we've ever had here was the Love Gods, from Brighton. They're Europop/rock, sort of like the Dresden Dolls.'

'In future I'd like to see more of the gigs that I like, and spend more time on Warmed Up Cold'

Writer: Tom Conway