Vin Garbutt plus Dave Burland

Date: 8 Jun 2008 - 17:30
Promoter: HItchin Folk Club
  • Vin Garbutt plus Dave Burland
Event details: Vin Garbutt is reputed to have said that he is not interested in becoming a big star in the accepted sense. Nevertheless in the area of music where he performs, there is no bigger star. He prefers to be a big fish in a small pond. This attitude means that his need for privacy and a balanced home life are safeguarded and satisfied. What the world realised long before Vin did, was that the small pond had grown over the years into a considerable lake.

All this has happened without the hype from big Record Companies, and without the usual publicity from the mass media. He has performed all over the globe, and in parts of countries that the biggest stars will never see. This phenomenon has occurred solely by word of mouth, spread by people who have come across him, and felt the need to share this unique experience with their fellow countrymen.



Dave Burland has retired twice in his life. In 1968 he left the Police Force to pursue a career in folk music, as a singer and guitar player. This particular period lasted until 1998 approx., when he took a proper job in which he had to wear proper trousers and, on occasions, a suit and tie.

During the aforementioned period of thirty years, he visited quite a few countries, made quite a few solo records, quite a few of which are no longer available, played quite a lot of clubs and concerts and festivals, and made session appearances on quite a few other persons' records including Kate Rusby, Nic Jones, Richard Thompson, Mike Harding, Tony Rose, Bob Pegg and quite a few others.

The period of 1998 to 2007 has been taken up by work with the very occasional engagement. However, in July 2007 all this changed when he retired for the second time. Hopefully, quite a few people will see this increased availability as quite a good thing. He is known to be quite looking forward to performing and seeing friends, some quite old and some quite new, and demonstrating his own controlled dynamism.


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