Sufi Dances of Universal Peace & zikr with Ralph & Vitalija

Dances of Universal Peace with Ralph, July 2009
Date: 28 Oct 2009 - 20:00
End Date: 28 Oct 2009 - 22:00
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You are invited to join us this evening of joyful, lighthearted and uplifting join in singing and dancing in our circle: Dances of Universal Peace. Please bring an open heart.
"O man, learn to dance, or else the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you."
Saint Augustine (A.D. 354 ... 430) - read the whole poem

"The dancing and singing that you created for us, at Richmond yesterday, Ralph, led me to that beautiful and undeniable feeling of peace and harmony within. It is when you see love in the eyes of another, and you give love to them, through the dancing, that your heart fills with love and gentleness. To see devotion in the heart of another, brings it out in ourselves. Yesterday, I felt that I was dancing with other lovers of God, (or the Universal Source - whatever name we choose to give it), and that we shared in the beauty of the Divine together. Is there any more beautiful feeling than the feeling of mystical love? I felt that in my being, when I walked home afterwards.
With loving gratitude." (Ann, London-Richmond, October 2009)

"I very much appreciated the variety in the dances you both introduce, and the way the energy is very celebrational, playful and ecstatic at times as well as going into softer meditative places. This helps me get swept up and stay engaged. I also like the concise way you gave a context and meaning for some of the dances, without going on at any length. The inclusive way you are, as both individuals and together gave me a safe and sweet feeling which helped me to leave aside my critical tendencies and to feel embraced by the circle." (Stefan Freedman, international circle dance teacher -, April '09)


Ticket info Cost: £6 - concessions
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