Kanda Bongo Man

Date: 12 Dec 2008 - 18:30
End Date: 12 Dec 2008 - 23:00
Event details: The Menelik Music Xmas Party.
Great show with great food! Do not miss this one as it promises to be something very special to mark the end of a fruitful year.

Kanda Bongo Man, born 1955 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a prominent soukous musician. Kanda Bongo Man become the singer for Orchestra Belle Mambo in 1973, developing a sound influenced by Tabu Ley. He revolutionised soukous by encouraging guitar solos after every verse. His form of soukous gave birth to the kwassa kwassa dance rhythm where the hips move back and forth while the hands move to follow the hips. Like many African rumba and soukous musicians before him, Kanda Bongo Man also had an entourage of musicians he played with. Many of Kanda's musicians later moved on to start their own solo careers.

Free Congolese Dance classes 6.30-8pm.
World Food available, served at 8pm.
Band are on 8.30pm,playing 2 sets

For more info see: www.menelikmusic.com

Booking Info:
Tel: 07842 177 344 or email: bookings@menelikmusic.com
£12 (pre-paid)/£14 at the door/£10 Members & Conc.
£20 with meal/£15 Members & Conc.
Under 18s: £6 without meal/£12 with meal
Free for under 10s.
Food is not compulsory, advance booking for meals is required. See menu and book via http://www.menelikmusic.com/bookings.html

Every time you come to our gigs and dance your socks off, you are helping us keep the school project in the DR Congo going. If you want to know more about the school project in Kinshasa, please visit the school website at:


Ticket info £20-£10 (kids free)
Event location show map
Posted by Sandra


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