The Get-Up Forward

Date: 17 May 2008 - 19:30
  • The Damsons + Godfather + The Aviators
Event details:

The Get Up Forward: This unruly bunch of musical miscreants, first met on the cloudy shoreline of an island named desire. A mutual desire in fact, to create a livid, sensuous, soul expanding journey into the very innards of those rare, clarity infested, zen like meditative moments which have been known only by a handful of latter day Catholic saints, Tibetan Buddhist monks, Dalai Lamas, Prophetic artists, Himalayan explorers, and shrimp farmers. Alas, few if any of the above have ever truly achieved the 'nirvana' like state of mind, body, soul and being which has been hinted at for millenia by worthy scribes, (far worthier than I) and chased for eternity by a plethora of absurd fools intent on focussing more on the finish line, rather than the true substance of the race being ran with such blind sided zeal.


This is a funraising event for 209 Radio. 

Ticket info £5 (adv), £6 (on the door)
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